Ypnos Gold Time

April has arrived and an abundance of yawns has also arrived with it! Gevorest’s yawns are back at The Mall of Cyprus in Nicosia, on Saturday and Sunday, 16 & 17 of April! After a good night’s sleep, yawning awakens us and urges us to start the day with energy and creativity! Before you embark upon your daily adventures, yawning reminds us that we have had a really good and fulfilling sleep on our Ypnos Gold, the new and improved Gevorest mattress!

To learn more on yawning and to try out the new Ypnos Gold, visit The Mall of Cyprus in Nicosia, this coming weekend (16 & 17 April) between 11:00 και 18:00! ‪#‎GevorestCyprus