The Mall of Cyprus Expanding Experience reaches its final stage

Marks & Spencer, the international brand known and loved across the globe by millions of shoppers is having its new launch at the Mall of Cyprus on the 8th of November 2019. The opening sees the final touches through the completion of the Mall’s Expanding Experience project, with renovation works having been underway over an almost 18 month long period. Through the process, 6.000 sq.ft of space as well as 300 parking spots across 4 levels were added to it.

With a range of new entries alongside long established, popular shops and restaurants and a revamped food court, the increase in visitor numbers attests to the Mall of Cyprus’ ever-growing popularity and dynamism. Similarly, the food court renovation as well as the outer terrace works, have both helped establish the space as a modern, easy to access foodie destination, and have transformed the Mall of Cyprus into a hangout hub.

As the new Marks & Spencer launches its 1.000 sq.ft store, it reaffirms its dedication to cover all of a family’s shopping needs by guaranteeing quality and value for money. To maximize the Marks & Spencer experience and cater to fans of British and world cuisine products, shoppers at the M&S Food Hall can also find a wide range of products such as biscuits, jams, pasta, beverages and snacks. The Marks & Spencer wine selection also features labels from all around the world and award-winning wines offered at very reasonable prices.

The Mall of Cyprus shall continue to up its game as it rolls onto the future as a destination for thrilling experiences, adventures, entertainment, good shopping and great fun within its renovated premises.