The Journey of Your Choice – Terms&Conditions

1. Only people who are permanent residents of the Republic of Cyprus and are 18 years old and older can participate in the draw.
2. The employees of The Mall of Cyprus, sales persons and other staff who work in any of the shops found in The Mall of Cyprus, security personnel, cleaners and any other person who works for The Mall of Cyprus or Xenos Travel by Royal Holidays or is associated with the specific campaign, do not have the right to participate in the draw.
3. Participation in the competition is done with presentation of purchase receipts from shops located at The Mall of Cyprus only, with dates between 7 May and 10 June 2018.
4. Each receipt of 20 euros can be exchanged for one entry coupon. For receipts of more than 20 euros, the remaining amount can be used in combination with following receipts to complete the minimum amount of 20 euros.
5. Participation in the competition is done by filling out all the details at the participation coupon and depositing it in the lottery box that is placed in the common areas of The Mall of Cyprus.
6. The exchange can be performed at the Information Desk on the ground floor of The Mall of Cyprus from 10am to 8pm Monday to Friday, from 9.30am to 8.30pm on Saturday, and from 11am to 7pm on Sunday.
7. The competition prizes are provided by Xenos Travel by Royal Holidays and are: (a) 10 vouchers of 500-euro value, the ‘Small Prizes’, (b) 1 voucher of 1500-euro value, the ‘Big Prize’, which will be drawn as follows:
a. 2 Small Prizes each week from 7 May 2018 until 10 June 2018, i.e. on 14 May, 21 May, 28 May, 4 June and 11 June.
b. The Big Prize after the end of the competition, on 11 June.
8. For the weekly draw of the small prizes only participation coupons from the previous week are eligible. For the Big Prize draw all participation coupons are eligible.
9. In case a participant that has won one of the Small Prizes also wins the Big Prize, he is obligated to relinquish the Small Prize, who will be given to the first runner up of the specific week.
10. The vouchers cannot be combined with any other offer or discount.
11. The vouchers can be redeemed only at Xenos Travel by Royal Holidays offices for services offered by the company.
12. The vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash.
13. The vouchers are not transferable to other people.
14. The vouchers are valid until 31/12/2019.
15. The winners will be notified by phone and provided with a Gift Receipt Code.
16. If the winner does not respond within two days of being notified, The Mall of Cyprus will contact the first runner up, who is also obligated to respond within two days. The process will be repeated until a winner is found.
17. Every winner can collect his/her gift personally upon presentation of his/her Identity Card or Passport, and the Gift Receipt Code. At that time the winner may be photographed with The Mall of Cyprus management for publicity purposes.
18. The Mall of Cyprus reserves the right to postpone the draw, change the date or the conditions of the draw without prior notice.