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General Information

This September, Hellenic Bank and The Mall of Cyprus invite you to an exciting trip to the Ice Age! The exhibition “Exploring the Ice Age”, after the tremendous success it has met in Greece, arrives at The Mall of Cyprus, turning it into a perfectly fairytale setting where contact through live tour, movement and sounds will lead children and adults into a unique, interactive and entertaining experience.

The ‘Explore the Ice Age’ exhibition is a thematic exhibition of European standards, with high educational credentials, originality, and an extremely educational and entertaining character.

It bears the signature signature of Professor Zhou Shiwu, a leading paleontologist who has won the “National Science Award”, “Sichuan Science Review Award” and published the “Dinosaur Fossils”.

It is our pleasure to invite the entire educational and student community to an unprecedented tour of the past for an unforgettable experience! From 2 October to 7 November, the most exciting thematic exhibition will be featured in the interior of The Mall of Cyprus.

The experience will include:

• 4 Ice Age Stages, which include various animals and people of the time, supported by educational material.
• A guided tour of about 30 minutes, only for organized groups of 25-50 people, by appointment, Monday – Friday 9:00 – 13:00
• Gift Shop – optional
• Photographer for commemorative photos (photo price: €5) – optional

We clarify that there will be no charge for students and teachers to enter and tour the exhibition.

Opening hours of the exhibition for organized groups (by appointment):
Monday – Friday: 9:00 – 13:00
The entrance and the tour of the exhibition are offered free of charge by Hellenic Bank and The Mall of Cyprus.

For individual visitors, the exhibition will be open for free touring during all The Mall of Cyprus opening hours, i.e. Monday through Saturday 9:00 to 20:00, and Sunday 11:00 to 19:00.

For further information and reservations for schools please call 776255 or email

The ‘Explore the Ice Age’ exhibition is supported by McVities Penguin and Levart Ltd. Design & Print. Design and production has been done by Eksagon Exhibitions.


Educational Material

Upon request.


Suggested Text for Communication with Parents

«Explore the Ice Age» Exhibition

From October 2 to November 7 at The Mall of Cyprus Mall in Nicosia, students will have the opportunity to explore a unique and impressive exhibition that travels the world. In the educational exhibition “Explore the Ice Age”, organized by Hellenic Bank and The Mall of Cyprus, the students will have the unique opportunity, through a live tour, to experience some of the animals that have lived at that time, such as mammoth, smiloeon, hairy rhinoceros and another seven animals, to see representations of the time such as the battle of people with mammoths, and to learn about the environmental conditions of that specific period of the history of the earth, and about how people adapted to this world and coexisted with these animals.

The exhibition and the guided tour will be offered free of charge by Hellenic Bank and The Mall of Cyprus.
• A professional photographer will be on site, and offer a commemorative photo of each visitor on a mammoth, for the price of 5 Euros
• Shop with exhibition memorabilia

The excursion of our school will be held on ……………….