Public: A Journey To The Future!

Breakthrough technology that remodels the future! Transfer to the future through amazing inventions and patents of Frederick University’s students and get a taste of life in the future Public at The Mall of Cyprus!

14th to 16th Sept | 12:00-14:00 & 17:00-18:30
1. Frederick Formula
Meet a real Formula designed and implemented by Frederick University students and staff.

2. Polar Effect
Visit various places globally through our Virtual/Immersive Reality app., such as the Wales museum in Iceland, Ajax stadium in Holland, but also have a trip with a helicopter over the mountains of Iceland.

3. Dream Fighters
A role-playing smartphone game that includes five min-games and aims at fighting stereotypes.

4. 3D Racing
F1 racing game. Use the tablet’s sensors to control the formula and race against various AI agents.

Meet the Autonomous Rescue & Guard Oversea System that can be used for rescue missions in the sea by using a drone and an autonomous boat.

6. Magic Mirror
Enhance the Smart TV’s experience