PLAYMOBIL Fun Playgrounds Rules & Regulations

For the safety of our children playing in the PLAYMOBIL Fun playgrounds, the following are strictly not permitted:

• Smoking and vaping.
• Consumption of food.
• Children being left inside the playgrounds without the presence of their parents.
• Climbing on the displays, tables and stools.
• Run inside the playground, as there is a risk of falling and collision.
• Moving toys, tables, stools. The toys are distributed by topic. For this reason, it is not allowed to move toys from one playing area to another.
• Removing toys from our space.

Children under the age of 36 months are forbidden to enter PLAYMOBIL playgrounds for safety reasons.

Parents and escorts are not allowed to enter the playground for reasons of congestion. They are solely responsible for their children throughout their stay at the PLAYMOBIL Fun playgrounds and are kindly requested to take care of their children while remaining on the outer perimeter of the playground.

Thank you for respecting our premises and for adhering to the operating rules.

Our staff is ready to help you with anything you need.