Gevorest Christmas Magic at The Mall of Cyprus

And while you fall deeply into sleep, tucked nicely in your warm bed, feeling peaceful and relaxed, you suddenly enter a magic world, a world filled with colors and smells and imaginary adventures: the world of dreams, a special place for each and every one of us! This is the magic promised by Gevorest this Christmas! As a loyal advocate of “Sleep Ideology”, considering sleep as a necessary choice for a better quality of life and recognising the value of bedtime stories in the development of happy and healthy children, Gevorest promises to transfer you to its magic world, a world of bed time stories, specially designed for our little friends but equally exciting for the child hidden within grownups too!  This festive season, Gevorest has worked with Skinotexniki, and together have designed a magic fairytale setting, through which our favorite bed time story heroes become real and invite us to their magic world, the world of Gevorest! Gevorest Christmas Magic will take us on a magic fairytale journey between 26 November-13 December at The Mall of Cyprus in Nicosia and will be open to the public from 2 to 9 p.m. daily. Entrance is free for everyone. For more information visit our Facebook page or use the hashtag #gevorestchristmasmagic