Gevorest Christmas Magic!

It’s Christmas Eve and everyone is deep asleep…a peaceful quiet has spread all over, and everyone and everything is where they should be: children are dreaming, grown-ups are resting in their beds, all waiting for Santa to arrive, the Christmas tree beautiful and decorated has taken its usual place next to the fireplace, the shining star brightening the room, standing proud on the top of the tree…nothing moves, nothing is out of place.
And suddenly…Bammm!, Woooooow! Achooooo!
Vixen??? Rudolph???? HO HO HO! Clumsy Santa is stuck in the chimney! Where are my elfs, he wonders, quickly come and take me out of this chimney!!! Where is everybody???
Santa’s boots are flung high in the cold air and his bright red suit has turned black from all the chimney smoke!
Quickly, come!!! he shouts! Rudolph is stuck in the chimney with him, Vixen has landed on a cloud, his other reindeers trying to understand what has just happened and get back to work!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!
The Gevorest Company