Destination “Back to school”!

Destination “Back to school” with the most updated style from the Mall of Cyprus!

Just before the first school bell rings, the Mall of Cyprus awaits you with the most stylish school uniforms and equipment, fancy school bags, and all the latest gadgets for students and parents who are geniuses! Come to the Mall of Cyprus and make your back to school return a truly enjoyable and refreshing experience for everyone!

Visit the Mall of Cyprus’ renovated stores to discover all the new school wear collections packed with comfortable and practical styles that both kids and parents will adore. Including a wide variety for any school or extracurricular activity, games and electronics that meet the needs and desires of both students and parents. View more.

After shopping, don’t miss the chance to learn incredible things from the most amazing teachers like Christopher Columbus, William Shakespeare, and Thomas Edison, in a one-of-a-kind academy that will be an extraordinary experience for everyone! The Genius Academy, organised by the Mall of Cyprus, Dixan and Somat, is returning to give all children the opportunity to play, laugh and learn, and to get their diploma with excellence! The Genius Academy will operate daily from 23 August until 1 September, between 15:00 to 18:00. Participation is free. More information.

Finally, since going back to school means going back to work and the busy day-to-day life as well, equip yourself with all the new autumn fashion trends, and go back to work with a new style! Discover all the new trends that match your personality at the Mall of Cyprus’ stores and get the look that expresses you. Do your shopping and enjoy the offers and new taste experiences at the renovated food court. View more

With its renewed spaces, exterior terraces, as well as new store additions and upgrades to existing ones, the Mall of Cyprus ‘Expanding Experiences’ offers unique back-to-school choices and new experiences for everyone!