Gevorest: Art in Sleep!

Art in Sleep!

A headboard in your bedroom is a central focal point of aesthetics and creativity. It acts as a base for your pillows while the soft interior forms a comfortable seat to enjoy reading. A headboard supports your back and spinal cord while its soft interior coupled with slightly rounded edges, transform Gevorest’s headboards into safe havens for children as well. A traditional wooden headboard, covered in leather, suede or canvas achieves maximum functionality while at the same time adds a style element to your bedroom. By changing your headboard instead of the whole bedroom every 2-3 years, you can achieve a new and money-saving look. The headboard choice provides identity to the space where we spent the most important times of our life and the place where “the family’s history is written”.

To see all headboards of Gevorest and introduce art in your sleep, visit The Mall of Cyprus, this coming weekend, 1 and 2 of July between 11.00 and 18.00!

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