Kids Environmental Activity by REACTION & Prime Insurance

ENVIRONMENTAL PROGRAM ‘The Environment Can’t Wait’

Human interventions to the environment frequently cause destruction that affect millions of people. At the same time, our own daily minor habits cause small and progressive damage to the environment.

It is therefore imperative to educate, train, and create awareness around the protection of the environment, the protection from fires, recycling, energy saving, and other ‘green’ areas, from a young age.

The National Environmental Program by REACTION and Prime Insurance has 6 sections and many interactive workshops for kids and adults alike.

On November 4th, at The Mall of Cyprus, children will have the opportunity to learn, play and be trained in issues around the protection of the environment. The Environmental Studies Unit of REACTION and Prime Insurance, with the support of The Mall of Cyprus, invite you to join us for a wonderful event centered around children and the environment.

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