Nursing Division of Trauma Event

Trauma is characterized by the World Health Organisation as a disease and it appears that in Cyprus it is taking an increasingly larger dimension. During 2015, the total road accidents were 958 with a total 1004 people wounded, of which 14 were killed, 135 seriously injured and 64 slightly injured.

Trauma, mainly resulting from traffic accidents, remains a part of our everyday life, unfortunately becoming one of the most frequent causes of death in people aged 18-40 years. At the same time it causes many long-term disabilities for survivors, and injuries in many cases are serious, leading to a major social and financial burden on the individual, the family and the society as a whole.

An intense effort should be made to prevent injuries, including targeted education and appropriate information for children and adolescents both in personal protective measures, and in the driving behavior itself.

The Nursing Division of Trauma aims to transform the interest and the necessity to action. The issue of trauma from accidents is complex and dealing with it requires the activation and cooperation of many, both for prevention and for reducing its consequences. For this reason, for the year 2016 it has focused on prevention and on informing citizens.

Visit the event to be held at The Mall of Cyprus on Saturday May 28th from 9 am to 5 pm at Entrance 2 for more information.